Tuesday, May 7, 2013


We just got back a 2 night camping trip in San Simeon.  It was just the 5 of us, in a tent, for 2 nights. And let me tell you, it was absolutely fantastic.  It was so much fun.

As soon as we started setting up, we pulled out the kids little chairs. Sadie plonked down and was a happy camper, literally!
John and I got the tent set up. The one we borrowed had a fun little "pet tent" attached, and the kids loved it, it was their own tiny cave. Andy wanted to sleep in it, but he ended up on an air mattress just like Julie.  Sadie slept in a pack n play, while John and I were on another air mattress. Everyone slept great! Kids were all asleep by 8 both nights and we didn't get out of the tent until 7-7:30 AM! They don't sleep that late at home!
San Simeon has a nice trail that leads to the beach. There was a cool little hut made out of driftwood.
Sadie hung out in the backpack for a long while. She loves the backpack because she can see everything. And grab onto John's ears.
King of the mountain!! This kid was so excited to be camping. He took it very seriously.
It got a little windy at the beach. And it rained a lot both nights we were there. But it only rained for about 20 minutes during waking hours, so we can't complain.  And the clouds kept the temperature way warmer than it would have been otherwise.
We found an Uno set in our camping gear. I had no idea Julie and Andy were old enough to play. So play we did. It was a blast. The kids won most of the time. We always played Uno while camping growing up, so it was great carrying on that tradition.
As soon as Sadie went to sleep, we made smores.  The big kids were so good about roasting their marshmallows and respecting the fire. We didn't have to tell them once to backup or stop playing around the fire pit. They were awesome.  (We brought their bikes, hence the helmet)
We kept all the clothes in the back of my car. And the food. It kept the tent very tidy (as tidy as it can be with 5 people in it!) and made it easy to keep things away from the raccoons at night!  But, because of where my car was parked, it smells A LOT like campfire.
Andy was convinced that if he wore his glasses, the smoke wouldn't go in his eyes. And he looks pretty cool too.
Double fisting the smores. Actually, she made one for me too, since she is sweet like that.
Oooey goooey smores are the best part of camping. Besides hanging out with the best kids and husband in the world...
There were very few other campers while we were there.  The kids were able to ride their bikes all over the place.  They could ride through the grass and up and down the streets. Andy they loved taking turns on Daddy's skateboard too. Since the campground is a circle, we could see them the whole way from our site. But John also would skateboard with them and I would run. I also got in a good run up a trail that overlooked the whole valley. It was breath taking!
Our little campground. Notice Andy with his head down on the bench...silly. Thanks for letting us borrow the tent Uncle Monster!
And my favorite picture of the trip. This was as we were starting to pack up. Julie and Andy were being silly and Sadie was totally confused as to why. Love these kiddos.
I can not wait to camp again. I have to admit, I was scared, or thought we were crazy, to tent camp with these 3. But I really think it was easier than RV camping. And they were a great help with keeping the site picked up, they helped with meals and kept themselves busy with their bikes, climbing trees and having imaginary adventures. I am such a lucky Momma.

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Steph said...

So cute and fun!!!

Thanks for posting this, especially the logistics. I love the idea of keeping the clothes in the car.

Jerad and I looooove tent camping. We tent camped in the snow every year. We even had a camping wedding! We haven't taken the kids yet because it seems like such WORK while they're still so little. Maybe we'll get brave and all go before #3 gets here:)