Friday, May 24, 2013

The Tooth Fairy is Coming Tonight!

Tonight Julie lost her first tooth!!  Both her bottom teeth have been wiggling for some time now, but her adult teeth are already through, so one is out and I know the other won't be far behind!

I am shocked that she has already lost a tooth. I was 7 years old, the very end of 1st grade, when I lost my first tooth.  I also had baby teeth well into high school, so I admit I am a little relieved that she is loosing them earlier than I did.
She was so excited, we called John at work to tell him, then Memere and Grammy. The tooth fairy is coming to the Hunter's tonight for the first time ever! 

Totally unrelated, I got off work at noon today (after working 12 days straight) and went to pick up the kids from my moms. We sat outside for a few minutes and Julie came up to snuggle next to me and I started rubbing her back. Before I knew it, she was soaking up the sun like a little lizard and fast asleep.
Mom and I laughed so hard. And yes, I picked her up and brought her inside so she wouldn't get sun burnt. She woke up at that point, totally confused.  I love that she is a big girl who looses teeth one minute, while falling asleep standing up the next. Always keeping us on our toes Julie Bess!

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