Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Family Day

As always, things have been busy. Julie has started softball practice and Andy will be playing t-ball in a few weeks. Mixed with our normal fun of school, work, friends and birthday parties, the next few months should be even busier, but likely really fun too.

So when we all had a Monday off and the kids requested Santa Barbara Zoo we jumped in the car.  I only got 2 pictures and Andy wasn't even looking.
It was also the first major family outing where we didn't bring a stroller, a diaper bag, a backpack, anything. I had my phone. John had his phone and his wallet. We didn't bring any extra supplies.  We left the house at 9 am, got home at 9 pm, spent hours at the zoo, then hours at a nearby park.  It had been so long since we traveled so light!  This girl is really growing up!

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