Thursday, February 6, 2014

Julie Turns 7!

Last Saturday Julie turned 7! Seven. I can't even believe it. But I won't dwell. The day started with a bed head picture of Julie and I. I love this girl who made me a mom.
After the photo we let her open some gifts from us. She got a new softball bag and softball which she immediately threw her glove in (proud!).  We started a tradition where we all eat lucky charms for breakfast on a birthday but she asked if she could make us scrambled eggs instead.  Sadie and Andy still went for the lucky charms, but John, Julie and I ate the eggs that Julie made us.

I took her to softball assessments while John got ready for her party.

This year, she begged to invite her entire class to her party. I honestly didn't expect the turn out we had. But I have to admit, even with 30+ kids there, the party was super fun.

She wanted rainbow cupcakes. These turned out awesome and I was grateful I didn't have to make them!
Julie was super excited with every single person that showed up.
Julie has some awesome friends. They were all such good listeners. John asked them to line up for the pinata. And the did. Without a push or a shove.
Julie got 2 hits on the pinata and the connector broke. Boo.
So John improvised. No one seemed to mind not hitting the pinata and scrambled for candy just the same.
There were so many kids there that it was nice just to sit back and watch the show. And yes, it was sunny, but chilly!
At cupcake time it was a little too windy to light the candles, but we still sang.
Julie requested they get to decorate their own cupcakes, so we got some fun sprinkles and such. The kids loved it.
The birthday girl with her cupcake.
Sadie seemed to get herself a cupcake.
Andy and Everett both got a blue you can see by their sweet, blue faces.
Julie was very excited about her gifts.

And finally a sweet picture with life long friends.
After a fun afternoon, the kids started leaving and one by one they came up and thanked John or I for inviting them. Our kids are so lucky to have such great friends. I am especially grateful for Christina for helping me take pictures and being so good at it! Most of these are ones that she took and it really helped me be able to enjoy.  It was by far the biggest birthday party we have had, but it was exactly what she wanted and that's what matters.

Happy birthday Julie Bess. We can't wait to see what the next year brings!

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Christina said...

Happy birthday Julie!! What a fun party! We left early, so it's nice seeing the gifts and things winding down. Happy to take pictures. <3