Thursday, July 31, 2014


Last Sunday John ran, biked, and swam his first triathlon. About a year and a half ago, he told me he wanted to do it. He wanted to do the triathlon that his parents did. It surprised me, but he put in the work, and he was amazing.

The kids were so excited to go watch. They are always good sports when it comes time to cheer for us running races or watching me play basketball. But watching Dad swim and bike was new and exciting.

So we made signs.
The race was done in a bunch of heats, and they were running late. But everyone was still smiling and very dirty by the end of the day.
Grandma came to cheer on John and to help with the kids. It was fun spending the day with her.
Family picture before the race. There was such a great atmosphere there, people were having fun, supporting and cheering for each other. It was an experience for sure.
The day got hotter and hotter, but when John got in the water to swim, he had a big smile on his face. He waved at the kids during his laps and smiled at me as I counted for him. When he ran to his bike, he was beaming. Every time we saw him he had a smile on his face. The entire time I was just in awe of him, he did such a great job. I could not have been more proud when I saw him cross the finish line.

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