Friday, September 12, 2008

Mini Update

We had a doctor apt today, but there is nothing too exciting to report. I am 37 weeks tomorrow(full term already!), so next week when we go, he will check to see if I have made any more progress and then we are going to come up with a "plan". I am not really sure what this means, but he said we would talk about it next week. Because his office is really busy, I go on Tuesday next week, so I only have about 4 days in between my appointments.

On top of being incredibly tired and sore, Julie and I both have a cold. She seems to be much more of a trooper than I am though. She was only really sick for one day, she still has a little bit of a runny nose and seems to be feeling much better today.

Julie has a new word. We were waiting for this one and we are glad that it didn't come until now. It is the dreaded "NO" and she uses it often. Honestly, I am not sure she knows completely what it means because she will say it when she really wants whatever we are asking. For instance, last night I asked her if she wanted to go night-night and she said "no night-night" and proceeded to go into her room and get Karl and her blankie. She has a lot of other new words too, like Uncle, pig, and kiss. But No is definitely used the most!

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Christina said...

Awwwww. I'm sorry that you're sick! I hope someone's made you chicken soup!

Julie's a real toddler now! Just in time for Andrew. No, Andrew, this is my turf! (;