Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Justin and Audrey's Wedding

Justin and Audrey got married on Saturday and it was absolutely beautiful! The rehearsal was a lot of fun, we got to meet all of Audrey's family that we haven't met before. Audrey looked amazing in her handmade dress. Julie found a new buddy in Audrey's nephew Jackson. They had a lot of fun playing and running around outside on the deck. All of Audrey's friends from college are so nice. I had a lot of fun getting to know them and am so happy that Audrey lives here now so that I will get to see all of the girls when they come visit!!
The next day, us girls got our hair and makeup done. We went to the hotel, got dressed and down the aisle we went. There was not a lot of sitting around before hand, which was great for all of us!Me, Julie and Jackson walking down the aisle. Audrey's girls.

Justin waiting for Audrey.When the officiant asked for the rings, the boys had a plan. The groomsman on the end pulled a crackerjack box out of his coat and handed it down the line. Each groomsman took some crackerjacks for a snack until it got to John and he pulled out the rings. It was really clever and everyone loved it.

The reception was a lot of fun. The food was AWESOME!! We are all still talking about it and trying to figure out how to recreate some of the dishes. There was dancing and good times had by all. These are just a few pictures so if I get anymore, I will put some up.

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