Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ode to Pepere

If you have met me for more than a minute, you have probably heard me talk about Memere and Pepere (aka my Grandma and Grandpa Jutras, the ones who live in New England). The day we brought Andy home from the hospital, Pepere passed away. He has been struggling with cancer and it was his time. With all the emotions of having a new baby, I am grieving for the amazing man that showed us what family should be. I am upset that I am not able to go to the services, I knew that it would be harder for me to leave Andy, basically impossible, but it is still really hard not being with all my loved ones right now.

Today John, Andy and I took my mom and brother up to San Jose to the airport so they could go back to the services. On the way home, John and I talked about Pepere and all the great stories that we remember. Obviously I have more than John does, but even in just 7 years, John had many to contribute. I am just going to share a couple of the classics.

The first time John met my grandparents, we had not even been dating a year. We flew back for Christmas and my grandparents picked us up from the airport. I had warned John that my Pepere was a little direct, but John was the same way, so I don't think he was too worried about it. On the way home from the airport, we were starving, so Pepere stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner. John was on his best behavior. Pepere ordered meatloaf and mac n cheese. John was trying to be polite and asked how his dinner was. Pepere responded, "It's just like my mother used to make, except she didn't put sh*t in it."

This was one of Pepere's favorite sayings. He also enjoyed:
"Never get the twin lobsters, its impossible to find 2 identical ones!"
"Hello Ladies" (this was every time we passed a field of cows)

One of my favorite memories with Pepere was when I was about 8 and Justin was 10ish and we talked Pepere into riding bikes with us. We were riding up and down our gravel driveway and Pepere totally ate it! Pepere was about 6'4" and Justin and I had to get him into the house with his knee bleeding everywhere. We got him in the house and all set up in a kitchen chair. Memere came in and Pepere started looking for sympathy over his bloody knee. Her response...."Damn it Larry! You ripped your pants!!"

I don't think that it will fully sink in that Pepere is gone until I go back again and see it for myself. He was a rock that never faltered. He spoiled us rotten, no matter how old we got. I will not be there physically to say goodbye with the rest of my family. But my heart will be there all day tomorrow.


Christina said...

I'm so sorry Rachel.

You've been noticeably quiet the last few days (no texting, no e-mails). But I thought you were just busy with Andrew.

He was a good guy. A warm and thoroughly entertaining New Englander.

Love and hugs.

Beth McDermott said...

Sounds like a great guy... and what a legacy he left behind! You guys have a great family, and what a blessing to all have each other to remember him. You told me the just like my mother used to make it joke a looooong time ago, and I still tell anyone who will listen because its frickin hilarious. What a guy...

Kayla said...

What a wonderful blog. I am glad that you have so many great memories of him through out the years. We love you very much and are here for anthing you might need. But, I suspect you already know that......