Monday, September 29, 2008

A week, plus a few

We have been busy since Andy's arrival. I am sure most people stay in and be mellow the first few weeks of a baby's life, but Andy is blessed with a sister (and parents for that matter) who don't much like to sit still. So here is a run down, including some pictures, since the camera is being used a lot these days.

I think I left off with taking my mom and brother to San Jose to go back east. Julie was at day care, so John, Andy and I went shopping on the way home. Gilroy is our friend!

Then, on Thursday, we took the kids to Solvang. I know it sounds like a random outing, but my Memere and Pepere used to take us to Solvang all the time when we were younger and since I couldn't go to the service for Pepere, we went to Solvang. We actually had a really good time. The stores were a little small for the double stroller, but there were tons of fun shops, lots of ice cream and wine places and tons of toy stores. There was also a really nice park for Julie to run around in. There was a fun gazebo that she really liked.

On Friday Julie was with Grandma, so we took Andy to get his "pawprints" done. We got a gift certificate to do them so we wanted to make sure we got them done when he was super small, they are so much cuter that way. He also got his very first real bath. He didn't like it very much, but when we were done, all of his hair stuck straight up. It was really cute. After cleaning the house and doing laundry for the afternoon, we headed out to celebrate Pop-pop Dave's Birthday out at the ranch. It was fun and we were glad we got to help him celebrate.

On Saturday we took a walk and showed Andy around Santa Margarita. We ended up at Grandma Hazels house. Julie helped clean up the yard by raking leaves with a cool mini rake. We stayed and visited while Andy had a bottle and Julie serenaded us on the piano. That evening I took Andy with me to a wedding shower. It was the first girly thing that Andy was dragged to against his will, and I am sure it won't be his last. :) It was really fun though, and nice for me to get out of the house with some fun ladies. Julie stayed home with daddy and watched football and ate grapes. Ask her, that is what they did.

Sunday we got up and went to church. After that, we all came home and had a nap. Mom and Justin got home, so after Audrey picked them up they came by to say hello. It was nice to see them, even if they were only gone for a few days.

Today, Chris came over and he and John replaced the sprinklers in the front yard. They are experts now after doing the back yard. So after only 2 trips to Decou, the front yard will be green again in no time! While they were doing that, Julie played in the mud and I cleaned up droppings from the redwoods and pine needles. Then did dishes and folded the kids laundry. So exciting! When the front yard was beautiful again, Julie got a bath, and Andy kept on sleeping.

Then, Julie enjoyed a video game or two with Daddy and Uncle Chris (no she is not really playing!)

That about sums everything up for the past week. Julie is saying so many new words too. she says socks and shoes, milk, hat, bottle, brother, rock, truck, work, two, three, four (no one...weird) and helper. Andy still sleeps a lot, including at night, so that's good. So far, he wakes up 2 times a night, eats and goes right back to sleep. He is starting to take his naps in his crib too, so we really can't complain! Here are just a few more pictures, mostly of Julie giving Andy love, and Andy sleeping!


Christina said...

Cute overload!!!

Wine in Solvang, huh? Good for you!

Is Andrew wearing some of the clothes we gave him? I didn't think we gave you anything that small. (;

See you Saturday!!!

Rachel said...

I think the blue and brown are from you. :) They are so cute! They fit him really well right now, I think they are 0-3 months.

Can't wait for Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Kaz writes: Wow such a joy to see the latest addition to the family. I won't say what all distant relatives say - my how you've grown or gosh I remember when your mom looked like that....glad you have a blog so those of us far far away can have a bit of contact!!! Our best wishes to you from across the pond!

Memere said...

The Ode To Pepere was touching. Very original and beautiful. Thank you for writing it.