Saturday, July 4, 2009


Our 4th of July weekend started out with a BBQ at Justin and Audrey's house. All of Audrey's family was here from all over, including her nephew Jackson. Julie was in HEAVEN playing with Jackson and Poppy. What a great cousin! I love this boy!
Andy was so happy! He was hanging out in his seat, talking to everyone and bouncing all around. Hugs for Jackson!

This morning we went to the parade and festivities in Santa Margarita. It was Aunt Arlene's birthday so we were so lucky she spent the day with us. The parade was small, but very fun. Julie had so much fun waiving a flag and clapping and waiving.
The group.
I tried to flip the picture, but no luck, but I like it, so you get it as is.

Ok....could I get ONE person to look at the camera?
What a great buddy! Kay hung out with us all day and we had so much fun!
Me and my girl.
The family.
Julie played a great game where she had to eat a donut on a string without using her hands. It was very amusing.

John, Andy and Great Grandma Hazel.

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Arlene said...

What a way to spend a birthday! Love you guys LOTS and look forward to many more Santa Margarita 4th of July celebrations!
Auntie Arlene