Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday John!

Yesterday we had a little birthday for John. We had all the family there to celebrate.
Julie and I made a cake for John. She said "Make it blue with circles!" So that is what he got. And she was very happy to help him blow them out.
I like this picture of Julie. She was having so much fun playing on her swing set with Charlie (the dog).
Julie after making Daddy's cake.
This was this morning. Andy got ahold of a bag of chips, drug them into the hallway and proceeded to eat. Look how proud he looks.
So, happy birthday John. It was pretty mellow, but we will have a full week as we leave tomorrow for Bess's wedding. Hooray!

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Christina said...

Happy Birthday John!!

Ummm . . . your kids are cute. How many times have I said that? Close to a million, I bet. (;