Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Super-Duper Halloween!

This was a great Halloween! We had a lot of fun and got to see a lot of family and friends. It all started out with the annual "Cut and Gut" pumpkin carving session. Gross name, I know, but that is what happens when young at heart boys name the event. We had fun carving after Julie went to bed. Maybe next year she will get to paint a pumpkin or something. John did the pirate ship, Chris did the cool face, Kay did the skeleton and the "Hammers" pumpkin and I did the pumpkins with our names on them. Here are the results:

The next stage of our Halloween fun was going to Farmer's Market in San Luis with Heather, Joe, Lina, Tom and April. We even got to see Tanya, Matt and Anna. Lina was so cute dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood! And Anna was the cutest panda bear you have ever seen. Julie had fun because she was allowed to walk around, holding our hand. But being out of the stroller is a real privilege for her.

On Halloween, we had to go see all Julie's friends that she goes to day care with. When we got there, they were having a parade. It was incredibly cute! All the kids had their costumes on and were really having a great time. Beth had already had them paint pumpkins and decorate cupcakes. To say the least, she is awesome! These are pictures of Julie, Anabelle and Anika. Anabelle is Beth's daughter and Anika is the daughter of another girl that Beth and I played softball with back in the day. It is so amazing to see our girls playing together....maybe some day they will all play on the field together (I can hope can't I??).

After we left Beth's, we went into my work for the Halloween Potluck. As much as I love being home with the kids right now, I miss the great people that I work with. So it was nice to go and have lunch with them and show off my adorable kids a little. Plus, they got to see their Memere and Auntie Audrey, which is always a highlight.

From there, we went home for a nap. Julie slept while John and I prepared for the afternoon and fed Andy. Then, Grandma Anne and Popop Dave came over and we all went to a carnival at Dr. Patterson's office. Julie got to experience her first bounce house. I think she is addicted. She also fell in love with a little boy dressed like the Hulk. I kept trying to get her to go for the fireman, but no such luck. This carnival is also where we got the great picture of them at the top of the page. Julie is such a good big sister!
When we got home from that carnival, Chris and Kayla were at our house waiting for us with hot, delicious pizza. Seriously, how did we get such great friends! After eating some dinner we all headed out to see Great Grandma Hazel and Aunt Sharon. Then, we went over to the Harvest Festival at the Community Center. They had a some cute little games that Julie got to play and a Banjo Band that Julie just loved. And there was a cakewalk which was a big hit with the kids. Julie didn't really get the whole thing, so it was not a big deal when she didn't get a cupcake, considering she had already eaten way to much candy! In the below pictures she is doing the cake walk and a beanbag toss.

While we were at the carnival, Uncle Justin and Aunt Audrey stopped by on their way up north. Audrey was looking very festive, as was Poppy! I love this picture!
This was just about the end of the night. We walked home and did a little reverse trick-or-treating to our neighbors houses. I had made some sugar cookies to share so we brought them around. Julie could almost say trick-or-treat. Mostly she just said "treat!" We came home and put the kiddos to bed. Julie didn't make a peep all night. John, Chris, Kay and I watched a zombie movie that was pretty awesomely awful, but it was really fun.

We had a great Halloween. Julie had a blast, and if you wonder what Andy was up to while all this fun was going on....


Christina said...

Sounds like you had the busiest day ever!! And with babies! You're amazing.

Such cute pictures!

The Studes said...

love the frog prince... so cute. and your little girl has gotten SO BIG! where has time gone?