Monday, November 16, 2009

So Excited!

I have always used this blog to keep track of how amazingly cute my children are. I was excited to have a way to remember these little moments that I knew would get lost in our crazy busy lives.

Then, my talented, amazing friend Jenny told me about this website where you can turn your own blog into a book! So, that is what I did.

My book goes from my first post until Andy's first birthday. I am going to make a book for them every year, kind of like a modern day scrap book.
When I got these in the mail today, I was so happy with the quality too! They were very easy to make and so fun! I can't wait for Julie and Andy to read them to their kids (sigh)!

Thanks again Jenny, you are a wonderful friend and I miss you terribly!


The Studes said...

I've heard about the books but I never have seen one! thanks for sharing that turned out so cute!

EmbellishYourself said...

Oh WOW!!! I wish I could see it in person. I'm so glad it turned out so well. I miss you too Rachel but with blogs and facebook, I get to stay up to date and don't feel so far away :)