Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sweet Heart

Julie is 2. Lately, she has been acting 2. She has always been very opinionated, strong willed, but lately it seems to be escalating at a rapid pace.

John worked a double today and the last few days have been hectic with the holiday and all, a break in the kids normal routine. To say I was tired by this evening would be an understatement. So I did something I NEVER do, I turned on a movie for the kids.

We watched A Muppet's Christmas Carol, one of my all time favorites.

So all 3 of us cuddled up in the big chair watching, and in the very beginning of the movie, there is a little mouse that is homeless looking. He looks at Scrooge and says "Can I have some cheese please?"

Of course, Scrooge ignores him completely.

Julie looked at me with the SADDEST look I have ever seen from her and says "Can he come to Julie's house and get some cheese? Mommy, he needs some cheese, can we give him some??"

With that one little scene and that one little question, she understood the entire movie, the entire point, the entire meaning of Love.

My 2 year old may be 2, but she gets it, and reminds me (and all of us) of love and patience, giving and compassion.

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Ann/Mom said...

There was one collective "oohhhh" from Justin and yours truly. Such a sweet heart...actually both of you!