Monday, November 23, 2009

Laying Low

All the Hunters are sick. Julie and Andy have colds and coughs, ours have not quite progressed into a cough, but I have a feeling it is coming.

This morning I made the kids a bed on the floor and we have been vegging out on Elmo. Other than that, we have been attempting to come up with a way to entertain our wild, but sick and unable to go to the park, children. Last night, we had horse races in the living room.

It is very serious business. Julie won, but not by much!
So, it has been pretty quiet on the Hunter Homestead. John found out he is going to day shift next year (hooray!) which will be a huge adjustment for the better! Julie is still doing great in school and has gotten tall all of a sudden. Andy has more words every day! He says "car" "peakaboo" "ball" "horse" and of course "Momma" and "Julie". He is still a little love bug. I can not believe it is almost Thanksgiving!


Beth McDermott said...

why why WHYYYYYY do kids have to still be KIDS when they are SICK!?!?!? Dont they know to REST and GET BETTER!?!?!? You are a goooood sport, and a fantastic mom. im sending my kids to you next time they need nurturing. i think youre better at that than i am. ;)

Grandma said...

When they come on Wednesday, we won't need to worry about getting them sick or us getting sick. That must have been a pretty potent bug since we all got it within 36 hours of last Wednesday! Grandma is coughing but not Poppop nor Mimi, snuffle noses all around.... share the wealth :):)

Arlene said...

they look like they are having too much fun..........not sick! Prayers to you guys, hope it passes quickly.
Auntie Arlene