Sunday, November 1, 2009

Actual Halloween

On Halloween, the kids and I did a little trick or treating, went to visit Grandma Hazel and ended up at the carnival at the Community Center with Heather and Lina! At farmers market a few nights before, Julie saw cheerleaders in action and has been very excited about them ever since. So, she switched her costume mid celebration, and was a cheerleader.

This was with her cupcake from the cupcake walk. She never actually won, but Andy did. So she got a cupcake. I told Julie to give her brother a hug for sharing his cupcake. She did.
Then she enjoyed a few games while I chased Andy around the hall. Luckily, between Heather and I, we were able to keep the kids under control....or at least within eye sight...most of the time.

And here is the sweet farmer man who was just happy to be wherever the action is.

We had a great Halloween and the first words out of Julie's mouth this morning were "Can I have some candy???"

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