Thursday, December 10, 2009

3 New Words...TONIGHT!!

Andy is a talking maniac! He says so many words already, but just in the course of an hour, he said 3 new words!

I was making dinner and it was just about ready, so I put him in his chair. He said "Mommy!!" (not new) and I looked at him. He pointed at his tray and said "Please?" (like, get me my dinner!!) So I gave it to him and he took a few bites and said "Yummy" (he has been saying Mmmmm for a long time when he eats, but never yummy). He is so cute.

Then his milk fell and Julie picked it up for him. He thought she was stealing it (wouldn't be the first time) and he yelled, "MINE!" That one really doesn't surprise me since Julie is going through a case of mine-itis right now. She seems to go in spurts, and right now is a spurt!

He enjoyed his dinner and I enjoyed his sweet words....ahhh, my big man!

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Carolyn said...

Great pictures Rachel!