Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Our Christmas was so much fun this year! Christmas is always fun, but with Julie really starting to get the whole thing, it was even more exciting. First words out of her mouth this morning were, "I wanna see if Santa came!" So, here it is, the story of the Hunters Christmas, mostly in pictures.

Kay, Audrey, Julie and I made cookies! Julie was a huge help.....well, for the most part.
We made 25 plates that looked like this. We are very efficient women! And the only mess up was my burned butterscotch. Did you know burnt butterscotch looks like Chili?
Yesterday, Christmas Eve, we celebrated Grandma's birthday. Julie told everyone that she made the cake and that mommy helped a little bit. She did do the decorating and candle placement.
Here is Anne sporting her new Cowgirl BBQ Apron handmade with love from me!
This picture is on here for the sole reason that he is adorable.After a great brunch and some good naps, we went to Anne and Daves for Christmas festivities. The kids LOVE their new picnic table!

Then we went home and set out a cupcake for Santa (he must get tired of cookies, right?) and food for the reindeer.

And Santa came! YAY!

Andy really likes his new cars!

And his meerkat!

But Julie's gift was the one that had us out on the street in the freezing cold, but only after a couple laps around the living room/kitchen.

He is such a boy!

And Mommy and Daddy got a Cornhole Game! So if anyone wants to play, let me know! It is SOOO fun! Memere got the kids a play kitchen that I know is going to be used and abused. Both kids love it and have played with it all day!

John and Julie also went to Grandma Hazels tonight, Andy's teeth were really bugging him, so we stayed home for some 1 on 1 cuddle time. No pictures were taken, but I hear it was a great time.
We are so lucky to have amazing family and friends. The gifts were so perfect, every one of them. But the best part was being together and enjoying eachother.

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