Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Festive Fun

Christmas is in full swing at the Hunter house! It all started with going to pick out a tree. We got there bright and early. Julie was really into picking this year. But, she was looking for trees that already had presents underneath!
After the tree was home and set up, we went to see Santa! Julie waited patiently in line.....kinda. Only a few times did she try to sneak up to the front to catch a glimpse. This is her "I am not doing anything wrong" face.

Andy was not much a fan of the big guy! But Julie sat proudly on his lap and told him she wanted a boy dolly. Proof that she had been thinking about exactly what kind of present she wanted since we last talked about it.Andy may not have liked Santa, but he LOVED the candy cane! Can you say STICKY???
This picture doesn't have a whole lot to do with anything, but seriously, does it get any sweeter than a little brother kissing his big sissy??

The next day we went to see Summer, Emmanuel, Joanne and baby Sophia. Andy was all about Sophia and couldn't stop giving her kisses and patting her hands. We had an awesome visit!
Me and my beautiful cousin. She is such a great Mommy. I am so proud of her!
This past weekend, we went to Justin and Audrey's for Latkes to celebrate the start of Hanukkah. This is the second year Audrey has made them for us and it is an awesome new tradition. This year she taught us about the candle lighting and a little about the dradle game too. It will be fun when the kids get older and we can actually play!

So the stockings are hung, next to our pretty tree.
And the lights are up on the house. This picture really does it no justice. John did a great job with the lights this year, even though there are less than previous years, it looks beautiful and festive!
Julie loves the blow up Santa and reindeer! She keeps asking if she can ride him, but settles for a hug and a "high five" every night.
So that will get everyone up to speed on all of the fun happenings around here! Stay tuned, there is much more merriment to come!


Arlene said...

Your postings are so wonderful, keeps us in the loop of the happenings in your lives. Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of this holiday and for sharing not only the Hunters but Jus, Audrey, Summer and family!

Christina said...

Your kids are so cuuuuute!!