Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving and Beyond!

We have been having so much fun since Thanksgiving that I have yet to post pictures! Gasp!!

The Hunters Thanksgiving started out with dinner at the Sommervilles. Much fun, and food, was had by all.
Andy got to meet Sarah, Sean's awesome girlfriend. They walked in and Andy walked right past Sean and wanted Sarah to hold him. The rest of the evening was spent in her arms, on her lap and next to her at the dinner table offering her food and showing off. He was smitten!
Julie's favorite part of dinner was the dessert. Chocolate ice cream! Us adults had delicious pie, but the kids stuck to the cold stuff.
Andy making faces at Sarah. I couldn't even get him to look at me for a picture!
The next day (actual Thanksgiving day) the kids and I went to Mel and Colleens for an early dinner where the kids got to play with their cousins.

The big kid table with Julie and Elliot. They had a lot of fun playing together. They are both so well spoken for such little people!
Andy and Andie had fun too. Andy is so much bigger than baby Andie, even though they are only a month apart. Andy was trying to kiss her head when he was standing up, but he couldn't bend over that far, so he settled for sitting next to her. (Are you noticing a theme of him and the ladies??)
After spending some time there, we headed back over the hill to Christina's in-laws house, Phil and Gion. They made us an amazing dinner and were such wonderful hosts to me and my overly tired children. I didn't get any pictures there because no one was able to sit down long enough! The company was great and the food was awesome!

On Sunday we had dinner with my mom, Justin and Audrey after a day of putting up Christmas lights. We contemplated doing a turkey, but thought pizza was a better idea. We also kicked off into the next holiday by watching Christmas Vacation!

Since then (a whole week), we have been working, perfecting the lights and attempting to get a picture for the Christmas Card. Here is the best one so far.....
I think I will keep working on it.

We also had the chance to see the Arnolds....ALL 4 OF THEM!!! Since baby Audrey Opal was born the Friday before Thanksgiving, she was at the her Mommy's birthday party we went to on Sunday. Julie gave Lina lots of advice on being a big sister....and a few hugs.
And in an effort to neglect all housework, chores and obligations, I have taken up another crafty project!
Mom taught me to knit last week and it has been a fun, challenging change of pace to sewing. I think I'm hooked...or needled...

Well, there you have it, Thanksgiving and Beyond! We have lots of fun planned for this weekend, so stay tuned!!


Kayla said...

Yay! Knitting parties for us!

Christina said...

I'm sad we didn't get any pictures. But I loved seeing you guys!!