Saturday, January 30, 2010

An Elmo Party!

Julie has been so excited for her Elmo birthday! So this morning, she could not wait!! She woke up and got to open 2 gifts from Mommy and Daddy. One of them was a super cool pair of cowgirl boots! She was running around wearing them with her bathrobe. This is her doing the "yummy in my tummy" dance. After Memere got her dressed for the party!
She was so excited to have her friends over! She is so blessed to, at such a young age, have some awesome, loving friends.
Although, this is trouble!
I love this picture of Julie and Anabelle Lee!

Julie INSISTED she had to have 4 birthday candles because her favorite number is four. So, being the birthday girl, she got it! She had a big "3" candle and 3 little swirly ones.

Of course Brother got some cake too.

Present time! Julie got some awesome clothes and toys. Unfortunately, by this point, she was a little over it and not very interested. But, after an afternoon nap, she was all over those new presents and tutus and toys and clothes!

She finally crashed with cowboy after the last guest departed.
I think all in all it was a successful party. We are so lucky to have such amazing people in our lives. She is such a loved little girl.


Grandma said...

And we are very lucky to have such wonderful children (all of them :) A grand time was had by all!!!!

Memere said...

What's not to love? You have two very sweet children and such an amazing network of family and friends. So proud to be a part of it all.

Christina said...

Hunters and fam (and friends) always throw such great parties! Fun!!

I love how the number of children (especially babies) multiplies with each party. (;

Happy birthday Julie!

Tania said...

Happy Birthday to Julie! What a wonderful age! It is amazing to watch our blessings grow!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Julie! I see you had a great party : )

Rachel, thank you so much for keeping up this blog. Though I haven't met your beautiful children yet, I really enjoy your stories every week I visit your site.

The paci story was a big smile for me : )

Now I will go to bed, take my hot-water-bottle with me and dream of birthday cake!

Big hug, Anne (from Germany).