Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I am happy to say that Julie has been paci free for over 3 weeks now.

Yes, she had her paci for quite a while, but it was the last bit of baby she had, so we didn’t push the issue. She only had it for naps and at night, so it wasn’t like she was taking it to school with her.

On New Years Day, she went to Memere’s just like any normal Friday, and there was no paci there. So, she took her nap without it. When she woke up, she called me and said, “I am a big girl now, I don’t need a paci anymore!!”

John and I leapt at the chance and found all of her paci’s that had been hidden behind furniture and under beds and put them in a drawer and vowed that we would not give them back, no matter what.

So that night, she asked for her paci. We tried to talk to her about how she didn’t need them anymore and how she was a big girl. She wasn’t buying it.

My mom always told me that when I was really little, she had a hard time getting me to give up my bottle (I was way younger than Julie and don’t remember this) so she had me bag them up and leave them for the bottle bunny.

Remembering this story, I asked Julie if she wanted to send her paci’s away to someone who needed them. She asked who would need them and I said there must be a baby somewhere that needs a paci. She jet out of bed and said “Yeah! Christina’s baby in her belly needs them!!”

We went into where the paci’s were hidden, put them in a box which Julie completely wrapped in tape and put them on the front step for the mailman to pick up and bring to Christina’s baby.

The next morning, Julie woke up and ran to the front door and the paci’s were gone. She was very happy that Christina’s new baby would be able to use them and for a few days asked me if he had them yet. I kept telling her that his mommy was holding them until he was born and ready for them.

There were a few rough nights, a few missed naps, and a few, “can we go to the store and get a new paci?” But, for the last week, she has not even mentioned her paci.

I am so proud of her. Not for giving up her paci, I mean, eventually she would have done that on her own. But for thinking of a baby that she wanted to have them more and being so willing to give up someTHING she loves for someONE she loves (or will love, as soon as he is born).

She is officially a big girl.


Christina said...

Yay Julie!

Baby and I feel very loved. If he needs a paci, I'm sure we'll tell him they were a gift from Julie. (;

The Studes said...

That's a cute story. I"m in the process of getting rid of Avi's Pacifier. I did it once and she was good for two weeks and then one morning she had one and I didn't know where it came from.