Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goats Goats Everywhere!

My mom has this friend who raises goats. She used to do it for her daughter who was in 4h, but now her daughter is in college, and she still likes the goats. Right now she has 18 babies who are under 1 month old! So Mom arranged for us to go out and check out the goats! It was so fun!!

This is May. She is so sweet, and the smallest of a set of triplets. Both kids (and Memere) really liked her. Here is Julie giving her a little smooch. She pretty much acted more like a dog than a goat.
Here is Andy loving on May.

Since May is the smallest, she is bottle fed. Julie really liked watching the baby goat get fed.
This is in the barn where all the momma goats are waiting for their breakfast. They were so friendly. We went into the pen and they came right up to us and loved on us. The also tugged on our pants, jackets, shoes and even Julie's hair, but just a little bit. We have been home for a couple hours and Julie has been asking to go back ever since we left. Huge hit, thanks for a great morning Mom!

In other fun news, Julie is still cracking us up with her funny way of putting things.

The other day my cars battery died and we had to call Uncle Justin to come save us. The next day we saw a train stopped in town and Julie said " We have to call Uncle Justin to come fix that train!!"

This morning I asked if she needed to go potty and she said "No, because my poopie is still sleeping."

Yesterday she heard Andy wake up from his nap and she ran over to John and said "Daddy, you need to get Andy up. And when you go in there say "Hello my big man!!""

Andy is also getting into saying cute things. The other day I was trying to get us all out the door and I told Julie to go get in the car and Andy looked at me so hurt and said "Andy! Andy! Me!!" Like I was gonna forget about the poor little guy!

Also, as I mentioned before, I have started knitting. I made a few people fun hand warmers for Christmas, but I just moved on to hats! This is my first one. Not sure how much it will be seeing the light of day, but it wasn't too bad for my first. I am making another one right now for our brother-in-law Matt (shhh, don't tell him) and so far it is looking better than this one.
I am so excited to post pictures from the Cisneros wedding, but I am waiting for them to go first! This afternoon we are going to celebrate Stephen's birthday and Auntie Bess and Uncle Matt will be here this week, so great things to follow!!!

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EmbellishYourself said...

All right, so when are you getting a goat? LOL!! I love goats too and would have one if I could. What a fun day! I love your hat too :) and the kids are just too cute as always! I miss you lots!