Sunday, January 10, 2010

Post Holiday Fun

It seems to never be a dull moment these days! All fun and good, but never dull!

Last weekend we went to Auntie Arlene's and Uncle Hal's to celebrate Stephen's birthday. The kids had fun taking over the house.
Julie loved being a big girl with Mommy and cousin Sarah.
Of course, she asked Stephen if she could help blow out his "candles" I use quotes because we didn't actually have any candles and had to use matches from the fireplace. you should have seen the smoke!
Andy didn't like the way Arlene's kitchen was arranged, so he helped her out a little. Limes in with the bake ware, makes much more sense!
A few days later, we got a visit from Bess and Matt! We had a great time visiting and having a little Christmas with them. Unfortunately, I was really bad at taking pictures and these are all I have.

On Wednesday we had a big family dinner at our house so Bess and Matt could see everyone. It was really fun. Uncle Matt and Andy wore their matching hats made by me.
This is a great picture of Bess and Mel.
Like I said, wish I had gotten more! But it was a very nice, quick visit! We are so lucky to have such an amazing family!


Beth McDermott said...

first of all, julie looks grown up and gorgeous and absolutely darling in her big girl outfit with the ladies. whoa. and second... i never realized the resembelence between bess and mel! thats wild!
i cant wait to hang out with andy tomorrow, i had so much fun last week.

Arlene said...

I need Andy back so he can help me organize the den! Love the postings, love those kids, love you and all my family!!!! It's so nice when we can all get together and have fun like that.
hugs and luv,
Auntie Arlene