Monday, August 23, 2010

Big Kid Class

For the past two weeks we have been mentally preparing Julie to move into the "big kid class" and for the past two weeks, she has been correcting us with "Pre-Kindergarten!" Maybe Mommy and Daddy weren't quite ready to call it that....or say the K-word!

But, this morning, Julie moved into the Pre-K class. I had to wake her up, but the minute I said "First day of Pre-K" she bounced out of bed, into her clothes (that she got to pick out at the store all by herself) and into the living room. And no joke, this is the look on her face until we got there, while I was there, and after I picked her up...She bounced into her class room, only to look back and give her brother a hug and kiss good bye.

When I picked her up 4 hours later, she introduced me to 3 new friends, and one new friend introduced himself as "Julie's new friend Lincoln and I have never seen you before!" ha! She is in a class with her own kind now!!

I asked her teacher how she did and her reply, "Great.....Perfect, actually!" Wow, doesn't get much better than that!

All the way home she talked about the letters on the wall and the books that they read and "Did you know I have a library in my room mom? A library is where we keep books!"

I can only hope that she stays this excited about school for the rest of her days.

On a funnier note, we were talking at dinner about muscles and strength. It went something like this:

Julie: Mommy is so strong!
Daddy: Who is has bigger muscles, Mommy or Daddy?
Julie: Daddy, but Mommy is stronger. But Daddy can pick up our couch!
Daddy: So if Daddy can pick up our couch, who is stronger?
Julie: Uncle Justin!!!!!

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Grandma Anne said...

Love it, can't wait to hear all about it tomorrow! Although it is difficult to see "baby" Julie growing up so fast! Even though I adore my adult children, guess I thought the grandbabies would stay babies :( in Julie's words "Silly, Grandma!"