Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Give a Kid a Camera

And she will take many pictures!

For Julie's 3rd birthday, we got her one of those indestructible kids digital cameras. She has used it and abused it and loved it and actually taken tons of pictures.

I finally uploaded them, and since I have been bad about taking pictures lately, I figured I would share some of hers.

Took her a while to get used to it....
But after a bit, she got it. The angle is so funny, since she is looking up at most of her subjects.
But I have noticed people are a little more likely to pose silly for a 3 year old with a camera than they normally would.

Here is one of her favorite subjects.
Smile Mom!
And Dad.
And kiss the couch Andy!
Look cute Andy!
This one, I love. I couldn't have done it any better.
Love this little photographer!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your pictures, Julie. Soon it's time for your own blog ; )

It kinda opens a whole new perspective and world to us, adults.

Thank you for sharing!