Sunday, August 8, 2010

Welcome Home Brian, Christina and Everett!!

My best friend moved home to the Central Coast this week. WOOHOO! So of course, we had a party! And it was the greatest kind of party where no one had to do anything. A picnic at the park where everyone brought their own food and lounged on their own blankets was an awesome way to welcome back the Cisneros Family!

Here I am with one of the guests of honor. Everett is growing up so fast, I am so thankful they are close by so we can be a part of his life. Everett and Marshall. They are going to be buddies, though they don't know it yet. They are only a few days apart and enjoyed drooling together.

I love this picture! Julie and Andy are so silly these days. Andy is enjoying his sandwich and Everett is watching him longingly. Soon enough Everett!

It was so wonderful to catch up with old friends. Turns out not much has changed in our friendships, and that is a beautiful thing.
Yup, definitely silly. That is Julie, upside down on her belly. Andy is just looking way too big.

Apparently Brian is a little grossed out by the cherry pit spitting.

This is the grandparent section. All proud, wonderful, amazing grandparents. This was one of the few breaks my mom had the whole picnic. Thanks Mom!

Picnicking is seriously hard work.

And as my camera ran out of battery, one final picture of me and one of oldest friends. Oldest in that I have known her since the day I was born.

It is kinds fun to have John take pictures, then I actually get to be in a few! I am sad that I didn't get one of Christina and I, but that seems to be the case lately. Must be all these kids we are running after!!

So welcome home Cisneros Family! We are SOOOO happy to have you here!


Heidi Thompson said...

ugg... sorry we missed it... we were really going to try to stop by but got our Saturday and Sunday mixed up. Looked like a fun time!

Christina said...

We're sooooo happy to be here!

I can't believe I JUST saw this post! Obvious that I haven't been blogging. LOVE IT! Thank you!