Sunday, October 24, 2010


We have been on vacation the last couple days! YAY! We have greatly needed a little family time. We have been sticking pretty close to home, doing all of our normal routine, but also hanging out with friends and just enjoying each other. And we have been having so much fun!!! (No, this picture is NOT upside down, they were hanging off the bed!!)
We went out yesterday to pick out our pumpkins. It was so awesome because when we pulled up the Cisneros family was there! (they saved our behinds when we found out the pumpkin patch didn't take plastic!!! Thanks guys!!)

Andy was not interested in picking out a round one, or a tall one, or a big one. He just wanted to re-arrange all the pumpkins.
And Julie was more excited about the wheel barrel rides.
And the both loved running up and down the hill.
And climbing on the hay stacks.
And avoiding my camera at all costs! I could not get them to look at me! Normally I get one shot where they humor me. Not today.
But I did get this pretty one of Julie.
And then one a little more "her".
And we actually got some pumpkins too!

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