Friday, October 22, 2010

Star of the Week: Part II

Today is Julie's last day as "Star of the Week" All week, Julie has been using this status to her advantage. We have been hearing, "No Mommy, I am the Star of the Week, I get to use the potty first!" and "Follow the Star of the Week"

When we asked what Julie wanted to share today, we ran through a list of all her favorite things to play with. And at the top......Brother.

So at 9 am, at the start of circle time, we brought Andy in for Sissy to share.

We got there a little early so he got to play.
Then he stood up front like a Champ while Julie told everyone his name, what they liked to play, how silly he was and that is he likes choo choo trains.

We got the whole thing on video. It was so sweet to watch how excited Julie was to tell everyone about her "Baby Brother"!


Christina said...

I'm all choked up. Sweet kids.

Memere said...

All children are treasures, but I feel it's not just prejudicial influence when I say these two are very special. They prove it every day!

Anonymous said...

Hello, do you think you can share some parts of the video? I would be excited to see! : )

Lots of greetings, Anne.

Btw, Andylooks really "big" on the play (Lego?) picture. Not seeing hin highth, one could think he'a as old as the other kids. : )

Anonymous said...

Btw, Andy looks really "big" on the play (Lego?) picture. Not seeing his highth, one could think he's as old as the other kids. : )