Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Fun

Today was filled with awesome, family fun! We started out the morning with a local parade. Julie passed the time until the parade started by dancing in the street.
And of course loving on Memere!!!
Andy passed the time by loving on his BFF Everett. Everett is getting more into the attention, which is making it even more fun and awesome to have them around.
After the parade, the kids had to take a ride on the Elks Train. This was Andy's first trip, Julie is an old pro, and what a hit! Can you tell how excited he is!??!
We saw tons of great friends, Colby and Hannah, Anabelle, Dawson, Addy, Kailee and a sleeping Joshua. We saw Mommy's work friends, Daddy's work friends, Memere's work friends. Love the small town! And of course, there was ice cream!
Then it was off to Uncle Justin and Aunt Audrey's house to celebrate Uncle's 30th birthday! That's right, my MUCH older brother is 30!!

Julie didn't hesitate giving him some birthday love!
You tell that bean bag who's boss Andy!
The birthday boy and his beautiful bride.And we all know how much I love some sibling love! So here we are!!
Happy Birthday to my wonderful Big Brother who has always given me someone to look up to, love, respect and strive to be like.

Geez....thank goodness it is time for bed!

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