Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Tonight at dinner we were taking turns talking about our day. Both kids go to school on Tuesday, I go to work, and John works his rear off to keep the house habitable and do other projects, as it is the only day one of us is off without little helpers. Andy had told us how he played in the sandbox and finger painted. John helped Uncle Sean fill a hole and cleaned the house.

Then it was Julie's turn. Today they learned about the word "and". They are learning the sight words, or high frequency words, right now, and she is really catching on and doing great, but while she was telling us about it, this is what was said:

Daddy: "What did you learn about the word and?"
Julie: "you use it when you talk about 2 things."
Daddy: "Did you learn to spell it?"
Julie: "A-N-D"
Daddy: "What does that almost spell?"
Andy: "ME!!!!!"

Seriously. That boy is so smart. I didn't even know he was listening and not just shoving quesadillas into his mouth!


Grammy said...

Oh my goodness! As if one extremely bright child were not enough!!!! Both have great brains, extreme CUTE and have the best smiles and giggles in the world. You don't think I am prejudiced do you?

Christina said...

I'm not a "grammy" and I was going to say something similar. So smart those two!