Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Can't believe my big girl is 4! I am not sure how it happened, but this morning, she ran down the hallway into our room asking, "Mommy, am I 4 now? Is today my birthday?"

She quickly got dressed, so excited to go to school and tell everyone it was her birthday. She helped Daddy pick out her outfit.
John, Memere and I went to her school at lunch time with a large amount of cupcakes. Her classmates all sang happy birthday to her as she danced in front of the class.
Then she helped pass out the cupcakes and napkins.
After school we went to players for dinner where they brought her an ice cream sundae. She was surprised and very excited!

Grandma, Pop-pop, Mimi and Uncle Sean all joined us for dinner.
I asked her as I was tucking her into bed if she had a good birthday. She said, "Yes! Can I have another birthday tomorrow?"


Grammy said...

I am not ready for her to be so aware, so in the moment, what happened to our baby? But guess I blinked and my big boy is almost thirty with two of his own and my baby about to be a mommy. Completely unprepared!!!!!!!!

Christina said...

Happy birthday Julie! That last line made me CRY! What a sweetie.

Btw, can she please pick out my clothes for my next birthday? {:

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Julie : ) est wishes from over the big sea : )

Anne & Sven