Friday, February 4, 2011

Elephant Seals

This is not Rachel. This is Ann Jutras, the blessed grandmother to two amazing children who fill my life with joy. I have them each and every Friday, and it is the favorite day of my week. Today, we traveled to San Simeon and visited the breeding grounds of the elephant seals. As we approached the area, Julie looked toward the view below and commented "there are so many rocks out there". So I proceeded to explain.....

All of what was offered was only fodder for more questions. And I had so much fun answering those inquiries. Julie never misses a beat. "What are they doing?", and "Doesn't that hurt?" and "Whose baby is that?" was just the beginning of the questions.
So we went to the basics and explained. And with a new cousin born just a few days before, Julie seemed to understand. Andy was just having too much fun climbing and loving being outdoors.

So Andy ran around, made friends, hugged unsuspecting children and ran some more. Julie was poised just like this in about seven different vantage points. She was engrossed in the activity that Mother Nature offered. The seals flipped sand over their bodies to shield the sun; the males fought for territory, the females nursed their babies, and the pregnant ones dug holes to deliver. Julie caught every little thing that was happening.

And while the girl child reflected on the cycle of life, the boy child amused himself with one little pole in the whole boardwalk and sang "ring around the rosie...."

And it was an amazing experience. The children were enriched. Then we dined at the Moonstone Grill. Julie told everyone there she had eaten there before. So worldly. They were perfectly behaved, ate like they had never before and entertained every person in the group. They all wished us well when we left, for they all knew Julie's big 4th Birthday Party was Sunday.
And here we are approximately three minutes outside of the Moonstone Grill. My goodness, did we have fun. It took me (long way) an hour to get home and I just couldn't stop. I continued on and drove for another hour. We then played at the park, cooked mommie her dinner and took a bath. Another perfect day for Memere. It just doesn't get any better than this!!!


Christina said...

Yay for guest bloggers!! Sounds like a perfect day! {:

Anonymous said...

Hello! It was fun to read this blog, especially, since we, too, have a picture like this up on our wall: a beach fully covered with "stones" ; )
Thank you : )
Anne & Sven

Tania said...

Such a sweet blog post! They are so loved! And it sounds like an amazing day!