Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Cousins!!!!

I have three very special cousins that live in town. They all have birthdays within a month and a half of each other. And this year, we got to celebrate all three of them!! We also had the honor of making the cakes for all 3!!! I can not say how excited the kids were about this.

First was Stephen. He got a rectangular cake with orange accents.
I LOVE this picture!
The cake was delicious.
Next was Mariah. At her birthday, Uncle Hal busted out the popcorn maker. He is awesome!
Andy shared his with Buzz.
Mariah got a circle cake with spots of sprinkles. And that cake says 17, not 11, just for the record.

Most recently was Jordan, and he got a triangle cake.....Julie's pick.
Jordan thought it might be a state, I agree it looks a lot like Vermont or New Hampshire.
This is just a cute shot.

With the birthday boy.

All this partying makes us tired!!
I am so lucky to have awesome cousins who such great people and always there for me. Happy Birthdays Stephen, Mariah and Jordan!! We love you!

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