Sunday, July 31, 2011


John and I have always been so blessed by our friends. We have great people in our lives that we can just be with, support and enjoy. Friends that we can count on and have fun with.

But what is even better than that?? Our kids do too

Julie took some of these, wish there were more of her, but she was having too much fun with her friends.
Hooray for baseball!
Everyone loves a good wresting match.
And helping a friend out when they need a little "push"
Oh, and all these adorable kids who Julie and Andy call friends, have pretty amazing parents too.

Yes, we are one lucky family!

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Christina said...

So wish we could have gone to the game (soon we will be free-er!). Happy you included Everett!

You're such a good friend, Rachel. It's motivation to be a better one. {: