Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fun Stuff and 1 Month Check-up

The past week and a half has flown by!! And we have done some fun stuff!!

Our friends April, Tom and Heather had a yard sale in Los Osos.  We went over to bring cookies and pick up some hand me downs for Sadie.  Being that close to Montana de Oro, we had to stop and enjoy the beautiful part of the world that we live in.

John and the kids searched for cool shells.  Julie found made it her mission to fill John's pockets with rocks. 
Andy was very serious about finding treasures.  Or very tired.
Julie showing me what she found.
Then we went on a hike. We are so lucky that we can do this, that we live in such a beautiful area.
The girls fell asleep in the truck, but Andy wanted to go on another "hike" so we stopped at the Elfin Forrest.  He and I walked around and enjoyed some time just me and my big man.

This is what happens after a long day of hiking. You get a tired girl on a bean bag.

On Saturday, Julie and I got to go off and have a special afternoon.  We went to a Holiday Tea Party with our friends Heather and Lina, Tania and Anna and April (who happens to be one an awesome Auntie. And I should know, because I have some pretty awesome Aunties).  April took all these pictures so we could focus on her girls.  Told you she was awesome.

We got there and they had a face painter, right there in the front. The girls got in line as soon as we got our tickets.  Julie was excited.
Pretty girls with their faces painted.
Me and my big girl. We had fun decorating gingerbread men, drinking apple juice out of little ceramic tea cups, coloring and being silly.
The girls got to go up and sing with "the band".  Actually, they rung bells, but it was still cute.  I think Julie looks like me in this picture. Her hair looks so dark next to Anna and Lina.

The next day we decorated gingerbread houses in the back yard.

I was helping Julie with the frosting. She was trying to tell me how she wanted me to do what she wanted and I apparently was not understanding.  John started to explain what she was trying to get across and she shushed him and said, "Dad, I'll handle this."  Love that girl.
Andy wasn't quite so hard on John.

In fact, this is how Andy ended up once he decided his house was decorated enough.

Last but not least, this morning we went to Sadie's 1 month well check.  Biggest news first! Last night, she slept through the night!! From 10-7.  I know, she's wonderful. Such a good girl.  She is up to 10 pounds even (67th Percentile) and is now 23 inches long (98th Percentile)! That's right, she has grown an inch and a half in 5 weeks. Can you imagine?

Dr. Patterson gave her a clean bill of health and said she was perfect. She was awake the whole time and let him do the whole exam without a peep, well, at least not until she got her shot.

She's such a trooper. And look at that hair!!


Mom/Ann/Memere said...

I will always be grateful that you do this blog. Even as close as we are, I catch glimpses into your world and am grateful every time. Your kids are AWESOME!

Christina said...

So sweet! Julie really does look like you in that shot! (: