Saturday, December 17, 2011

1 Month

I can't believe it is time to do her 1 month blog. It is all going way too fast!!

First thing this morning we had a little photo shoot. Sadie loves her brother and sister more than anything.  This was the first picture of the morning.  She couldn't wait for Julie to come over and say hello.
She still has her dimples. I hope they stay forever.  She is the only Hunter kid that that has them and they are adorable.  When she really smiles (most of the time in her sleep and gas related) you can really see them.

Sadie is just starting to really focus on people and objects.  She can follow you if you move a little side to side or up and down.  Although, she seems to get annoyed when you make her work this hard.
We have LOTS of nick names for Sadie.

I call her Sadies, Saje, Biggie, Baby Sis, Squishy.  (I like nicknames, can you tell?)

John calls her Peanut.

Julie calls her Goo-goo.

Andy is sticking with what he has called her from the moment he saw her....Beautiful.
Sadie is proving to be a good eater and an even better sleeper! There has only been a few nights this month where she has woken more than once to eat.  A few times after she eats, in the wee hours of the night, she has wanted to stay awake and cuddle.  Fortunately, she is so adorable and affectionate that I don't even feel the effects of sleep deprivation!
I love these huge eyes.  She does this when she is surprised or when she is focusing or when she is trying to figure out what the heck is going on! Notice how her eyebrows are up?  She got that look from Uncle Justin.  Her eyes are also getting lighter.  Especially around the center.
And this shot is solely to show off her hair.  We get stopped when we are out and about by people who want to see the baby.  People almost ALWAYS comment on her hair. It sticks out in every direction.  It is dark. It is kind of curly around her neck.  And she has one wicked cow-lick.  But I still have a feeling, she will turn into a blondie like Julie and Andy.
We love our Sadie so much.  I keep reminding the kids (while they are "discussing" who gets to feed her, hold her or burp her next) that she will be with us forever. She is our sister and we never have to give her back. This always makes them smile and makes me feel so full of love!


Christina said...

She's so sweet! Brian thinks she looks like you in that first picture. Another beauty!

The Studes said...

I agree she is beautiful!!