Saturday, December 10, 2011

Winter Fun

With it being Christmas time and having a brand new adorable baby around, our camera has been busy lately!! We have been hitting up all the holiday events, so here is another picture purge of all the fun!!

Last week we went to the SLO parade with some friends.  It was cold but lots of fun.
Julie and Andy were good about sharing Sadie with their friends.
But by the time the parade started, Julie made sure Sadie was back in her arms.

We also got to spend a little time with Uncle Stephen. He had not met Sadie yet, so we met up at the park so he could snuggle with her a bit and of course horse around with the big kids. Apparently Uncle Stephen is really good at the monkey bars.
And this is the most serious picture I got of them. But its pretty fitting and perfect.
Last night we went to Winter Wonderland where the kids got to play in the snow a bit.
They thought the snow was wonderful.  Of course the first thing they did was make snowballs to throw at Mom and Dad.
But then they decided it was more fun to get each other with the snow balls.
Don't worry, it went both ways.
Then we moved on to the carousel.  It was a funny little carousel, so the kids had to liven it up by giving high fives as they went around.
That was another COLD night.  All 3 kids were asleep by the time we got on the freeway.

This afternoon Auntie Kay came over and we made A LOT of cookies.  Look at that mess behind us.  But this was the first year that Julie was actually helpful, and that made it even more fun.  She rolled sugar cookie dough, mixed ingredients and was definitely the comedian of the bunch. 
Andy bounced all over the place and even watered the lawn at one point. Sadie slept.
We made some pretty awesome cookies. 
And one heck of a mess.
But yeah, more importantly, yummy cookies.
After the cookies were put away and way too many of them eaten, these monkeys turned their attention on harassing Uncle Monster and being silly in general.  Word Andy.
This little peanut has been keeping up with us, no wonder she sleeps so well!

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Christina said...

This is awesome! I'm so happy all three kiddos have been able to participate in all the holiday activities! I wish we could have joined you for at least ONE thing so far, but with sickness and mommy's selfish birthday-celebrating . . . {: I guess this is the last Xmas we can skip events without hearing from baby, so we're ok, for now. <3