Saturday, March 17, 2012

4 Months!

Sadie is 4 months old today!

And it's Saint Patrick's Day, so that means this big girl wore green today!
Sadie has really "woken up" this month.  She has always been alert for her age, but now she is engaged, will "talk" to you while looking you in the eye, grabs at her toys and shoves them into her mouth.  She likes to be part of the action.  During dinner time, she likes to sit on our laps or in the high chair.  She does not like being left out!

And that leads to her also doing a lot of this.....
Three nights ago she was playing on her tummy and she rolled right over onto her back! It startled her, her eyes were huge!  I put her back on her stomach and she immediately rolled over again, this time with a huge smile on her face.  We are in so much trouble!!

Last night at dinner, she was sitting in the walker and Julie and Andy took turns giving her rides.  This picture it is hard to tell, but she had her mouth open and she was laughing! Not giggles like we had heard before, but laughs!!!!

Yup, she is our big girl (that is what Julie has called her all along, maybe because it takes one to know one?) and she plays hard.  But she also knows how to kick back and relax.
Love you Sadiekins!!

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