Sunday, March 4, 2012


I got my camera back (insert happy dance here!!) and there were some awesome shots of our fun trip to the aquarium! So here they are.

We had to take 2 cars because the van was in the shop.  When John asked the kids if they wanted to go with us or Grammy, they didn't hesitate.....GRAMMY!!!  So John and I had a nice quiet drive.  Kinda doubt Grammy and Pop Pop did.  We got up there a bit before noon and had lunch. The kids were bouncing off the walls to get to the fish!!

We went to the jelly fish first.  They are so beautiful.  I fully expected Sadie to be asleep the second I put her in the Ergo. But, she LOVED the jelly fish.  She kicked, cooed and bobbed her head, trying to get herself closer to them.  She was fully engaged the whole time we were watching them.

Can't blame her, they are beautiful.
The kids were mesmerized by the ocean.
We watched the puffins swim.  They were funny because they interacted with you.
Hello turtle!!
Sadie eventually gave in to the power of the Ergo....but not for long!
Touch tank!  Andy was a bit apprehensive.
Until Pop Pop came along.  He is never apprehensive when Pop Pop was around.  It was great having him there because he knew all the creatures, what they ate, where they lived.  We didn't have to read anything!!  It was a like a personal tour with none of the boring stuff.
The best place to watch penguins eat is on some shoulders.
Like I said.....
Ewwww! Look at that eel in there!  The one animal I really don't like!  I think I have watched Little Mermaid one too many times.
Look at this Grammy!!!!!!
Julie asked a question during the penguin feeding. I missed it because I was off feeding our own little baby bird, but she asked why the penguins were black and white.  Apparently, when they need warmth they show their backs, the black soaks up the sun. When they are too warm, they flip and show their tummies, which reflect the sun.
This little question asker is ready for some kindergarten!
Grammy and Pop Pop kept a safe distance from the water play area.  They are so smart! 
Julie took this picture of the diver feeding the fish.
It was neat watching the fish swarm him and eat all the squid he was offering.  Andy was so confused about the sound he was making when he spoke, I don't think Andy realized that the diver was the person talking.
Julie couldn't decide what to touch next!
Sadie was bright eyed again in no time, looking around at all the fish and here, watching the bat rays. I don't think Julie was too into them. Andy also refused to stick his hand in there....
The last time we went to the aquarium we stayed an hour and a half.  This time we stayed close to 4 hours!!  We closed the place down. If they had not been closing, I think we would have stayed longer.

We had so much fun and are super excited that Grammy and Pop Pop got season passes....which means we will absolutely be going back again soon.

Well, I actually already went back, to retrieve my beloved camera.  But don't tell the kids! I would be in so much trouble!

Sadie enjoyed herself just as much.
We also brought along these two!  Everett seemed to like all the fishies and was so brave touching the sea stars!! 
Have to admit though, best part of the second trip (followed closely by getting my camera back) was catching up with my bestie all the way too and from.  You don't get quality time like when you are stuck in a car. Reminds me of when we used to drive to summer camp....but now with sweet babies in the back seat. 

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Christina said...

Woo hoo! I was glad to see this up! Looks like your kids enjoyed the aquarium a bit more than mine did. Oh well. We'll go back in a year or two. And maybe we can bring Dave! (; I had such a fun car ride! *hug*