Tuesday, March 27, 2012


For the last two weeks, she has been practicing! And the first t-ball game is finally here!!

She was so excited, all week asking how many days til Tuesday!!
Once we got there she went off with her team, the Bull Pups and warmed up.  Her coach is a super nice man who does nothing but encourage the kids. All positive words on the field.
She still can't really decide if she wants to bat left handed or right. But she hit the ball, so we will go with it.
Look at that huge smile on her face!
"Mom, are you seriously taking my picture right now??"
Then she turned her back to me. Little goof.  She shouldn't be looking at Mommy while on 3rd base anyway!
This is not exactly what I would call "ready position" but she ran for the ball every hit, didn't matter if it was anywhere near her!
She did a great job and more importantly she had a great time.  She has friends on the team and is loving every second, what more could we ask for!?

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