Thursday, May 17, 2012

6 in, Half a Year!!!

I don't know how it happened, but our baby Sadie is already 6 months old. It seems like she was just that floppy baby who slept in her swing all day. Now, she is watching everything, screaming and straining to be involved.
She is sitting up on her own! She uses her sitting position to lunge from side to side to get her hands on things. I wouldn't call her "mobile" but she can get what she is after. Things like her brother's trains, Sissy's dolls or Feather.  Yes, she loves Feather.  That is who she is smiling at in this picture. 
I made her a hat last night.  She liked chewing on it more than wearing it.  She hasn't gotten any new teeth, just has the 2 bottom ones, but she chews on everything, so I am sure it won't be long until she gets a few more.  She has drool constantly and will even bite on her own thumb. Ouch!
Sadie has also proven that she is a great eater.  She has had rice, banana and squash mostly. But tonight she had some prunes and she thought that was fantastic!  I know it is hard to tell from the picture below, but she did get a lot in her tummy.  She is so interested in food.  She tries so hard to get a hold of whatever grown ups or her older siblings are eating.  So when it is her turn to eat, she gets really excited!
Julie and Andy are still amazing with her. They are happy that she is able to play with them more, sit up and watch, interact. They also love to make her laugh. They will fall down over and over again, or make silly noises or play peek-a-boo to get her going.  Its hysterical because the second she starts laughing, they start laughing and most of the time, John and I start laughing.  Kids laughter is contagious. Especially our kids laughter.

The other night she hugged (wrapped her arms really tight) around Julie's neck.  Julie said, "Mom, Sadie's hugs make me feel special inside."  I know the feeling Julie. She makes us all feel pretty special inside.

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