Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Ladies

We have some new ladies here at the Hunter House. We have had them since late March, and they were about 2 weeks old when we got them.
Lina and Audrey thought they were great when they were little chicks. We kept them in a box in the play room. But soon, they got too stinky and had to be moved to the garage.There are 6 of them and they are all Rhode Island Reds.  Now they live outside in the chicken coop.

Audrey still really likes the chickens.
Since they were handled A LOT as chicks, they are pretty friendly.
Their names are Cinderella, Snow White, Tiana, Woody, Buzz and Zurg.  They all look identical.  So it is almost impossible to tell them apart.
Except Cinderella.  She was Julie's favorite when they were chicks, so she got held all the time. Now, she practically follows Julie around the yard.
The chickens have caused words that I never thought would escape my mouth, come flowing out without reservation. Things like, "Keep the chickens out of your bed!"  "Chickens don't like chicken nuggets" and "The chickens are already asleep, they don't need a kiss goodnight."
They are quickly becoming part of the family and we are even more excited about when they start laying, which should be by late July!  If the weather stays warm.

We have also had these lovely ladies visiting.....they are a little bigger, there are more of them, they are louder, and I am so grateful we don't have to feed them!

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