Thursday, May 10, 2012

Andy Sweetness

Our little man has the biggest heart. He thinks about everyone before himself. Wants to make people feel good and loves to give complements.

Last night I threw together dinner so that we could walk over to Grandma Hazels.  While Andy was eating his hot dog, strawberries and tomatoes he said, "Mom, you always make the best dinners!"

Then, on the walk over to Grandma's, there was a big bush with pink flowers all over it. He looked at them and said, "Those flowers are so pretty they make me cry."

This morning he woke up and wanted to cuddle. He climbed in bed with me and I said, "Who is my Snuggly Bear?" (a nickname given to him by his Grammy Anne). 

He said "I am! And Julie is your Snuggly Bunny." I asked what we would call Sadie when she wants to snuggle. He said, "She can be Snuggly Beautiful!!"

Watch out ladies. This one is a charmer!

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