Friday, May 4, 2012

Pretend Professionals

While Bess and Veda were here, we wanted to get some shots of the cousins.We tried to find a professional to take the pictures for us, but timing just didn't work out.  So I grabbed the camera and gave it my best shot.

I was lucky to have adorable, willing models!
Even if the do like to eat sticks in the middle of our photo shoot.
They loved each other and the big kids begged to hold the little ones. It was so adorable.
At the end, I set the camera and Anne took a family shot for us.  I love this picture.  I love Julie's silly face and Andy's kissing lips.  I love that its not perfect, but shows our silly personalities.
That photo shoot went so well that we tried to do the same thing with Lauren and Memere for Mom for Mother's Day.  The kids were a little less cooperative, but it was still fun.
Andy was proud to sit on Memere's lap.
I love this snap of Andy and Memere.  The look on his face is so funny!
My little loves. 
And then they were done. Julie and Andy just wanted to go on a hike.
They definitely aren't professional, but it was fun.

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