Tuesday, July 17, 2012

8 Months

Our big girl is 8 months today!
She, as usual, was ready to party! Or go to Gilroy Gardens. But more on that later.

She is still trying so hard to crawl in the conventional way, on her hands and knees.  But that doesn't mean she is immobile. She gets up on all 4s, then pushes with her feet to fling herself forward.  She dives onto whatever, or whoever, she wants.

Here she is going after Julie's art supplies.
She does a bear type crawl too, straight onto her toes. She will also pull herself up to a standing position if she has something to give her leverage. Like a big toy, the foot stool, me or one of her siblings. She is way too big for her britches.
She has been eating more solids this month, and she is now VERY good at picking up food with her thumb and first finger and feeding herself! So she is getting a lot more when she sits at the table with us. Still mostly veggies and a few fruits, but it makes her very proud of herself.
She is making a lot of new sounds too. The D, M, and R sounds are common.  She will also make her voices very soft and "talk" where it almost sounds like she's singing. So, so sweet!

***EDITED***  Sadie started crawling on July 18th, the day after this blog was written.  She also now easily pulls herself up on everything!

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