Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Oh, Andy

Andy is hysterical. He says funny things and does funny things.  He is a people pleaser, so a lot of times he will say something just to make someone laugh or giggle.

He loves to make his sisters happy.  But sometimes he just has to put his foot down.

Today, Sadie was sitting on the floor and he laid down next to her to talk to her.  She immediately started slapping his face with excitement.  He quickly said, "Gentle hands Sadie!  Brother likes loving hands, not whacking hands!!"

She stopped and he promptly forgave her...and took her for a ride in the laundry basket.
After John got home, we did a little yard work before headin to the grocery store.  We were taking 2 cars so John could continue down to his dad's while I took the kids and groceries home.  We were loading the kids up and John asked Andy if he was riding with Mommy or Daddy.  He responded, "You Daddy! We are having boy time, remember?!?!?"

Oh, Andy, I love you so.

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