Sunday, July 1, 2012


There are a million reasons I am grateful for the "village" (or caregivers, loved ones, family, etc) that we have. One of the big reasons I am grateful is because all these awesome people teach our kids things that we can't. Or won't. Or just would never think of.

 Horses are a great example.

Julie, Andy and Sadie are so lucky that their Grammy and Pop-pop are genuine cowpoke who teach them how to ride, be safe, and care for a horse.

Julie and Andy have come such a long way in their riding. When I came to get them last week, Julie was so excited to tell me she had rode Lady all by herself. And even directed her using the reigns!
And Grammy even got a few pictures!
Andy was way too busy to look at the camera. But he was doing it!
I am so proud of them and so thankful for Grammy and Pop-pop for showing them the ropes when it comes to horses...and many, many other things.

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Memere said...

It is really awesome that everyone involved is so happy about it, especially the babies. Villages are great.