Saturday, July 28, 2012

Avila Valley Barn

Things have slowly been getting back to normal (or, the new normal) around here. For us, that pretty much means busy. But today we got to hang out with our awesome friends and that makes us all feel more normal.

It was such a beautiful day.

The boys hung out. Maybe Andy was giving him tips on being a big brother since he will be in February!! Woohoo!!
And all the kids hung out. I love this picture. They look like little old people.

Julie and Everett also spent some quality time feeding the animals. These donkeys are my favorite.
Then we did a little berry picking. Julie was cold apparently. It really wasn't cold.
Everett and Andy did a little more eating than they did gathering. But they definitely got their fruit servings in for the day!
The hay ride is always the best part. Time that the kids are contained. We can talk. Be silly. Almost wish it was a little longer ride out to the fields.
We love going to Avila Valley Barn with Christina, Brian and Everett. 

After a little rest time, we went down to visit Heather, Joe, Lina, Audrey and Gus at their new house. John helped move some stuff around and I helped unpack the kitchen a bit. But mostly we ate their pizza and let the kids play.  Sadie did not understand why she didn't get a piece of pizza!

A day with great friends is just what this family needed.

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