Monday, November 26, 2012


This year we had a nice and mellow Thanksgiving at Arlene and Hal's with Memere.  We ate like kings! The kids loved the relish tray...heck, I loved the relish tray!!  Here they are carrying on the tradition of olives on the fingers!
Memere and the sweet Sadie Jo. Crazy that last year at this time she was a week old! Now she is walking and talking!
Julie spends most of her free time these days hula hooping.  Even on Thanksgiving!  Here she is showing off her mad skill by doing 2 hoops at once. 
Sadie barely fit into this dress, but I was so happy she did! Julie wore this dress for Thanksgiving 5 years ago. Lauren wore it for Thanksgiving last year. I love that our girls have all had a special holiday in it! And it's still in pretty good shape in case any other little princesses want to wear it.
Thank you so much Arlene and Hal for having us. It was great having some time with you and Memere. And we got to see Jordan and Mariah for a bit after dinner. It was nice of them to come all the way over just to say hi. 

We missed Grammy and PopPop this year, they are visiting friends in Colorado. And of course, Grandpa Mel was never far from our minds. Thanksgiving was always a holiday we spent with him, so this year was tough. But with each year that passes, we hope the happy memories out weigh the sting of our loss.

With a great Thanksgiving behind us, the Christmas lights are up and we are singing Christmas songs and hanging stockings! Love the holidays and with each year, the kids get more into it and it becomes even more fun!

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